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Surya Chakra group owns an Independent Power Plant (IPP) of 20 MW Diesel. This project was awarded on Public Private Participation (PPP) as per Govt. of India policy by calling competitive bidding and commissioned by us during the year April 2003 with the approval of Govt. of India, when the Electricity Department of the A&N Administration failed to meet the power needs of these Islands and the existing power stations in Port Blair was frequently going out of order.


The power station was set up encountering all kinds of odds due to the location of IPP being in a remotest area having no logistic support and has now entered its 13th year of operation and successfully catering continuously the much needed power to the Islanders at much cheaper price than the Departmental power houses and any other sources of power generation. Till now this IPP is the biggest private investment in the last 15 years in infrastructure projects i.e. 20 MW Capacity Power Plant in the entire group of Islands and successfully operating unit which is the major source of Power supply generated meeting 2/3rd of peak load and 80% of the energy requirement of South Andaman Islands with much cheaper price than the Departmental Power Houses or any other sources of Power generation therein. As the above power project is located in the Union Territory of India, it falls under your Jurisdiction of your Ministry.


When the Power Plant was badly effected by Tsunami of 26.12.2004 resulting heavy damage to the machines and other equipment due to inundation in the power plant, the IPP has been restored within a record 3 months because of our firm commitment to the Islanders without any financial assistance from Govt. of India or A&N Administration.



Incorporated with registration no. 01-19554, under Companies Act 1956, as Suryachakra Power Corporation Limited


Converted into a private limited company, as a result name changed to Suryachakra Power Corporation Private Limited


Re-converted into a public limited company and name reverted to Suryachakra Power Corporation Limited

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